CyberGenie will make your app wishes come true!

We specialise in the development of medical, health and well-being apps.

We build helpful apps that support disease management. Our apps make life easier for patients and caregivers. 

Ask us how …


CyberGenie loves working on your app!


Solid Planning

CyberGenie helps you research your community goals and your app purpose to ensure they complement your organisation's overall strategy and business.


Functional Design

User-focussed design with a great look and feel, but that also functions well for your target user and meets their requirements effectively.


Funding Support

CyberGenie helps you think about app sponsorship and other funding strategies to collect payment or 'in kind' support, e.g. for showing your app sponsors’ logos or ads within your app.


Smart Developer

CyberGenie Solutions is a highly-qualified team of app developers and software specialists with solid communication skills, who you can talk to about what you want your app to do and achieve.


Marketing Plan

If no-one knows about your app, they won’t find it to download and use. That’s why CyberGenie recommend marketing your app before you finish developing it. Marketing starts with a plan, and we can help you with that!


Launch Success

CyberGenie understands that rigorous testing, a sound deployment process and ongoing management of updates will ensure your app project has every chance of success.

CyberGenie will grant you three wishes!


A Fantastic Idea!


CyberGenie is here to help you get started.


A Great App Development!


CyberGenie is ready to develop your app.


A Successful Launch!


CyberGenie can test and deploy your live app.