Medical App Developers CyberGenie Solutions

CyberGenie Solutions is registered as an Australian business and is based in Ballarat, Victoria. CyberGenie Solutions develops and maintains mobile apps for small to medium businesses and organisations.

In 2015, CyberGenie Solutions developed and launched an app for Nephrotic Syndrome (Kidney Disease) patients. This app helps patients with Nephrotic Syndrome disease keep records of their daily proteinuria tests and also create reports for their doctors. This app is increasing in popularity in doctors and patients.

CyberGenie Solutions has a focus on medical app development and, with the help of health professionals and specialist doctors, intends to build further expertise in this important area of health management.

CyberGenie Solutions is developing and researching new ideas for medical app development, while keeping up to date with the latest app and smartphone technologies used in medicine, health and well-being solutions.


Founder & Manager Sadaf Khurram

Sadaf Khurram has always loved and been fascinated by computer technology. She remembers writing her first computer programs in BASIC as an 8-9 year old…

It came as no surprise that she chose to pursue an education and career in Computer Science.

Sadaf has a Bachelor in Computer Sciences, and has recently completed a Bachelor of Applied Management at Federation University.

Sadaf emigrated to Australia in 2004 with her husband and son and lived in Melbourne for several years, before moving to Ballarat in 2011.

Before having her two children, Sadaf worked as a Software Engineer. She started CyberGenie Solutions as a way to channel her passions for technology and helping people.

She now helps business owners and organisations navigate the world of mobile app development.

When working with clients, Sadaf insists on clear and frequent communication about the progress of her work to ensure that everyone understands the process, key milestones and approvals needed to get a mobile app deployed and to market.

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The Vision

To facilitate the development of useful apps that add quality to people’s lives.


The Mission

To develop interesting and reliable software solutions, services and applications.

To do research and product development in the latest technologies.


Our Values

  • Contribute positively towards a better tomorrow.
  • Teamwork is essential to deliver the best results in any field of life.
  • Value future outcomes over immediate profits.
  • Respect everyone.